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We write to thank those who have contributed so much to our rebranding and the development of our new website.Firstly, Pemberton & Whitefoord - - www.p-& Successful brands talk. They define the tone of the voice. They have done a really excellent job for us, designing our new label and the advertisement that will be published in Metro Media publications on 9 November. They went further than this by allowing our website developer and van graphics designer to use their vector files. 

As you will see mentioned on our website, it has been created for us by Zarr Ltd -  - They have been most helpful and have done an excellent job. A great addition to the website has been the photographs and video shots taken by Lumiere Media.  The Managing Director, Alfred Williams was out taking pictures in the village early one morning trying to capture the Spirit of Ilmington and was nearly arrested on suspicion of casing houses for subsequent theft. Intrepid Alfred, also known as Red, can be found on Instagram at 

The video interview that tells Our Story was made by Short Web Films - -  The Managing Director, Ian Williams, is a freelance videographer, writer, producer and editor based in north London, He works predominantly in corporate and promotional video but also in education (training actors and directors in camera technique). He is very creative and very easy to work with. 

At the end of the video you will see our van. Using the files supplied by P&W, Warwick Signs Ltd - have made our van into an excellent moving advertisment

"A soft mellow Brandy with a surprisingly fresh cider nose, warming and refreshing on the palate with a lingering aftertaste of apple"
- Fortnum & Mason -
Apple Brandy
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